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Black Joy Parade  February 25, 2024  Downtown Oakland!

Black Joy is....

Mental Health Awareness Month

In the month of May, we celebrate Mental Health Awareness month. All month long we encourage teenagers to address their mental health, indulge in activities that promote healthy lifestyles and begin routines that will allow them to maintain good mental health.

Mindful Monday Back-to-School


On the Monday before the start of school for OUSD each year, we host a mindfulness event that helps teenagers focus their minds and prepare for back-to-school. We provide backpack giveaways and offer opportunities for teens to get their hair braided or receive a haircut.

World Mental Health Day

Every October 10th, the World Health Organizations declares this day to be World Mental Health Day. Since the start of Oakland Made, we declared this day to be one of our core fundraising days as we continue the work impacting teenagers in Oakland. 

The videos below are from our October 10th, 2022 Online Fundraiser Event. Watch each video and learn how Oakland Made has encourage these teenagers to address their mental health.

College Tours

During OUSD spring break, we plan an opportunity to take Oakland teenagers on a college tour. 

Our first year college tour was conducted in Los Angeles, California.

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