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Oakland Made's

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Graduation Ceremony
Fun at Home

Oakland Made's Vision:

Focus the Mind - Build the Resilience - Set the Goal - Serve the community

Personality Building Activities

Opportunity to connect with peers and conduct conversations

Supplied Snack and Dinner 

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M&M Health
(Mindful & Mental Health)

This program breaks down into sub-programs allowing for practical and theoretical applications. The two initial sub-programs: Mindful Monday and Trauma Tuesday explore the concept of mindfulness and learning to address and handle trauma.

Let's Graduate!

Focusing on two areas of a teenagers life; academic and personal. We will assist teens with homework and supply tutoring services when needed. Our focus will be to encourage teens to attend any higher form of education and prepare them for adulthood mentally.

Resilience to the future

The Resilience to the Future core program will focus on the personal and professional development of a teenager's life. Looking at the five pillars of resilience: self-awareness, mindfulness, self-care, positive relationships and purpose.

My daughter had been getting coaching and counseling from Ms.Shelley for a couple of years and involved with Oakland Made and she is very comfortable with Ms.Shelley and as a parent so am I. My daughter trusts Ms.Shelley and she is a good person to her and helps her with confidence.

Angelic Hammond- Parent

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